Steak Night

I you are like me; you plan most of your meals based on the type of meat you have on hand! Tonight’s was STEAK NIGHT baby!!!! I am always extra excited for this delicious meal. I love that I can pretty much season the beef with whatever I am feeling that specific day. I love mine medium well (Mostly gray brown throughout, but with a hint of pale pink inside)

*The veggies can easily be substituted with whatever you have in the fridge (this is what i had on hand)!!

Creamy Mushroom sauce

Creamy Mashed potatoes

So, what are those different levels of cooking steak and what do they mean?

Well done: Grayish brown with no sign of pink. It is usually slightly charred on the outside. Cooking a good steak to this level of doneness is a challenge.

Medium well: Mostly gray brown throughout, but with a hint of pale pink inside. It is a slightly juicy steak, but with no sign of blood in it.

Medium: A clear band of pink in the middle of the steak. There should still be slightly more gray-brown than pink coloration.

Medium rare: Warm and has a mostly pink-to-red center. Firm on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.

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